Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication

Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication


  • Sr. Mercy Joseph ktu
  • Jayalekshmi Jayakumar



cloud computing, data security, multi-factor authentication, one time password


Clients that utilization distributed computing can
browse a scope of offices. It offers sensible on-request benefits over
the web. One of the carriers furnished by means of cloud is
statistics garage. But protection and privacy of cloud facts are
important troubles , as cloud does now not ensure the safety
components like confidentiality, integrity, identity etc. cloud
computing additionally enables customers to get right of entry to
records from the cloud servers. To defend data that gets access to
it by using unauthorized users, authentication plays a critical
position. Authentication is a first step for statistics security,
through which users can set up evidence of their identities earlier
facts get admission to from machine. In cloud computing
environments, conventional authentication strategies do now not
offer sturdy protection in opposition to today’s maximum cuttingedge method of assaults. So cloud wishes a dynamic method for
person authentication which needs to encompass extra than one
credentials for authentication. In this paper, we advise a
information safety structure with a robust, dynamic and feasible
Multi-issue Authentication (MFA) scheme which integrates extra
than one factors like information, ownership, vicinity and time, for
cloud consumer authentication.



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Sr. Mercy Joseph, & Jayalekshmi Jayakumar. (2023). Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1), 244–247.