Bitcoin security - Anti-Dust Attack

Bitcoin security - Anti-Dust Attack


  • Mr. Ajith G S KTU
  • Ajin S



Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Dust Attack Privacy, Security, Threats


Bitcoin is a sophisticated decentralized payment
method that preserves all compact data in a populace ledger
linked to the blockchain. Many different attacks have targeted
Blockchain applications like Cryptocurrency, primarily Bitcoin
cryptocurrency, including double-spending, Distributed denialof-service (DDOS), and Dust attack. The given system is against
dust attacks is described in this work. It protects Bitcoin
availability and pseudo-invisibility against attackers who deliver
all transactions in order to consider the data and link
transactions to a specific user. The suggested system alerts users
to these types of illicit transactions and provides them the option
of accepting or rejecting them.



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Mr. Ajith G S, & Ajin S. (2023). Bitcoin security - Anti-Dust Attack. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1), 307–311.