Predicting Heart Aliment using Jupyter

Predicting Heart Aliment using Jupyter


  • Anit James ktu
  • Soorya P



Data Mining, Classification, Prediction, Heart Ailment, Jupyter


—The heart is more important to the human body than
any other circulatory organ. Its characteristic is to provide and
pump blood to other organs and the brain. So, it's far very
critical to have a healthy heart however researchers discovered
the risk of heart failure increases each day. Many heart
specialists can diagnose coronary heart sickness with their enjoy
and competencies. However, some professionals missing the
expertise or expertise to are expecting cardiovascular ailment
inside the early stages, a small mistake can price a patient’s life.
consequently, it is vital to apply particular methods and
algorithmic tools to estimate the occurrence of cardiac problems
inside the early degrees. They compare the likelihood of heart
disease in a person and look for targets to focus on. Typically, it
takes years of experience and a battery of medical examinations.
The primary purpose of the paintings in this study is to find the
best typeset of rules for showing maximum accuracy. Decision
tree and Logistic Regression are used to broaden the prediction
system if you want to Analyze and expect the opportunity of a
coronary heart ailment.



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Anit James, & Soorya P. (2023). Predicting Heart Aliment using Jupyter. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1), 65–70.