Face Recognition Technology using Machine Learning

Face Recognition Technology using Machine Learning


  • Navyamol K T ktu


OpenCV, Numpy, Tensor Flow, Keras


Face recognition generation is an identity of
someone. It collects the dataset (images) and the face recognition
processes the dataset automatically. The paper introduces the
face reputation of various attitude. This paper researches the
dataset is input then it will detect the image and transforms the
dataset. Then the image is crop to face only and it performs deep
neural network. The representation will be in 1 unit. Then it
forms to three phases. First is clustering and one of a kind is
Similarity Detection and category. The photographs are
processing the usage of OpenCV and quantifying faces using
python libraries. The next step is embedded using pickle and
recognizes the output and loading the faces embedding, loading
the labels and training models. Then loading face recognizer.



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