Under Ground Cable Fault Detection Using IoT

Under Ground Cable Fault Detection Using IoT


  • Mr. Ajith G S KTU
  • Aleenamol Varghese




Underground cable fault, Detection, cables, circuit, LCD


Natural disasters, wear and tear, vermin, and
other things can all cause damage to underground wires.
Furthermore, identifying the fault origin is a challenging task,
and the entire line must be dug and checked in order to fix the
fault. Using the IOT, we propose a method to detect cable faults
and this enables repairing work to be much more convenient
because we know the exact location of the fault. Through this
system, the service engineer knows exactly which part has a
fault, and only those areas that have a fault are to be dug up to
find the source of the fault. In addition to saving employees a lot
of time, money, and effort, it enables underground cables to be
serviced more quickly than in the current situation. We use IOT
technology so that employees can monitor and check faults
remotely via their mobile devices or laptops. Whenever a fault
occurs at a point where two lines are shorted together, a specific
voltage is generated in accordance with the combination of
resistors. This voltage is sensed by the microcontroller and
notified to the user through an LCD display, and it also sends
this data over the internet to the worker online.



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Mr. Ajith G S, & Aleenamol Varghese. (2023). Under Ground Cable Fault Detection Using IoT. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1), 234–236. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6369479