The Importance of Cloud Computing in Agriculture

The Importance of Cloud Computing in Agriculture


  • Ankitha Philip
  • Lijin Santhosh



In case of agriculture our coutry has a great
potential of development. Agriculture has big role of
development of our country Cloud computing is a networkbased system in which several computers share calculations,
storage, services, applications, and other primary computing
resources. All agricultural data such as soil, weather, research,
crop, farmers, agriculture marketing, fertiliser, and pesticide
information may now be consolidated in the cloud ,cloud makes
easy for it. The agricultural industry and the services, that
provides to clients have benefited from cloud computing. Cloud
computing has had a significant impact. To boost agricultural
field growth and productivity, farmers need automatic plant
disease monitoring rather than human monitoring. A favourable
impact on agriculture and the services it delivers to customers
Manual dizease monitoring does not produce adequate results
since naked eye observation is an ancient methodthattakes more
time to recognize the disease and requires an expert, hence it is
ineffective. This paper, introduced a modern technique to find
out disease-related to leaf. In addition, Parameters for cloud
computing, characteristics, deployment model, cloud service
model, cloud benefits, and cloud computing challenges in
agriculture are discussed in this study

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Ankitha Philip





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