Used Car Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques

Used Car Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques


  • Ms. Rini Kurian a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:3:"ktu";}
  • Rosemol Thomas



Colab, Machine Learning, Linear Regression, Used car Prediction, Lasso Regression


Newcar rate inindustry is constant throughtheproducer withgreater expensessustained by way ofthe authoritieswithintheformoftaxes,so clientsbuyinganewvehicle can
be assured of the money they make investments to be worth.
But, due to the increased charges of latest cars and the economic
incapacityofthe clientsto shopforthem,usedvehicle salesare
on a global increase. Therefore, there may be an pressing want for a Used automobile fee Prediction gadget which effectively determines the worthiness
of the car the use of a diffusion of capabilities.. Here we
use Regression Algorithms, because it offer non-stop fee as output now not classified value.Because of which it will be possible to are expecting the actual fee an automobile instead
of the price variety of a car.



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Ms. Rini Kurian, & Rosemol Thomas. (2023). Used Car Price Prediction Using Machine Learning Techniques. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1).

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