Analysis of Global Warming

Analysis of Global Warming


  • Jinson Devis ktu
  • ] Athulya Krishna



Global warming analysis, visualization, reports


One of the major environmental issues: Global
Warming has its own set of consequences is growing
day by day. Many people are expressing huge concerns
about diversity in the overall climate of Earth. Gasoline
is being continuously used to produce electricity. The
flaming process of these fuels emits gases like carbon
dioxide, methane and nitrous oxides which contribute to
this cause. The effects of climate changes are already in
action, and resulting in damage everywhere. Along with
this, desertification is also leading to high temperatures.
We are already undergoing some of its contemptuous
effects. It will severely affect environment and disturb
ecological balance. Due to these unreliable effects of
global warming, some solutions must be devised. This
paper introduces global warming, elaborates its causes
and hazards and presents some visualization of global
warming in the world.



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