Authentication Issues In Mobile Cloud Computing

Authentication Issues In Mobile Cloud Computing


  • Ms. Sona Maria Sebastian ktu
  • Ebin Johnson Mathew



Mobile Cloud Computing, Security, Authentication, Privacy


Mobile cloud computing is a popular topic in
today's globe. It helps to improve the performance of mobile
devices by utilizing cloud services. Security, particularly
authentication in MCC, may be an important need for
safeguarding cloud-based computations and communication.
Wireless media is used to transmit data between the client and
the cloud. As a result, MCC models emphasize fundamental
security problems in a range of disciplines, including as
authentication, privacy, and trust. Mobile device and cloud
computing convergence has mostly led in MCC security threats.
This article focuses on the principles of assessing various
authentication techniques as well as the security issues that have
evolved as a result of the combination of mobile and cloud
computing technologies. Existing MCC approaches, according
to this study, ignore cloud-to-client authentication issues.



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