Lung Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning

Lung Cancer Detection Using Machine Learning


  • Jinson Devis ktu
  • Teena Sabu



Machine learning algorithm, decision tree algorithms, support vector machine algorithms, logistic regression algorithm


-Lung cancer is a medical condition that is affected in the
lungs when cancerous cells starts growing inside it. The mortality
rate of people has expanded due to the increasing rate of incidence
of lung cancer. Lung cancer is a disease where cells in the lungs
multiply uncontrollable. Lung cancer cannot be prevented.But
due to early prediction the risk can be reduced. So detection of
lung cancer at the earliest is difficult for the survival rate of
patients. There are many reasons for causing lung cancer,but the
most important reasons are alchahol consumption and smoking.
The lung cancer prediction was done using classification
algorithms such as Decision tree ,SVM and Logistic Regression.
The key objective of this paper is the early detection of lung
cancer by evaluating the performance of classification



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