Human Resources Analytics

Human Resources Analytics


  • Ms. Jetty Banjamin sfaf
  • Dilsa Sajan



Human Resources Analytics, jupyter, satisfaction level, last evaluation, number of projects.


— In the past the machines were more concentrated
in the centres but over time the focus is now on the work and
activities of the workers as to why they are leaving the company
and the means to prevent it. The Human Resources Analytics
dataset, is used to explain the first steps in the data analysis path.
In this first part is presented how to get familiarize itself with the
data set by performing the descriptive analysis. Techniques such
as exploratory data analysis (EDA) allow us to present the data
in a more meaningful way, applying general statistical methods
and exploratory graphics, that allow a simpler interpretation
before engage a machine learning algorithm.



How to Cite

Ms. Jetty Banjamin, & Dilsa Sajan. (2023). Human Resources Analytics. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1).

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