Cloud Gaming-The wave of future games

Cloud Gaming-The wave of future games


  • Meera Rose Mathew ktu
  • Antu Jilson



Gamers may enjoy high-quality gaming experiences
anywhere and at any time. Since the late 2000s, cloud gaming has
gotten a lot of attention from academia and industry, thanks to the
proliferation of high-speed networks and cloud computing. In
cloud gaming, game software operates on powerful servers in data
centres, game scenes are broadcast to gamers in real time over the
Internet, and gamers interact with the games using lightweight
software that runs on a variety of devices We review the most
recent cloud gaming research from a variety of perspectives in this
paper, including cloud gaming platforms, optimization strategies,
and commercial cloud gaming services. The readers will obtain an
overview of cloud gaming research as well as become acquainted
with recent advances in this field.

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Meera Rose Mathew, ktu





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