Electronic Voting Using Blockchain

Electronic Voting Using Blockchain


  • Dr. Manju K Mathai ktu
  • Rubin Siby




Blockchain, Scalability, Voting, Electronic-Voting


online voting is achieving momentum in modern
society. It has splendid potential to decrease
organizational prices and growth voter turnout. It gets rid
of the need to print poll papers or open polling stations,
citizens can vote from wherever there is a web connection.
Online voting solutions, on the other hand, are viewed
with caution since they constitute a new threat. Electronic
voting mechanisms must be legitimate, accurate, safe and
convenient since a single flaw will be able to create a
massive vote tampering. Adoption may be hampered by
possible issues with processes. blockchain technology is
introduced to beat those problems; it provides
decentralized nodes for electronic voting and is used to
dispense electronic voting structures particularly because
of their end to end verification assistance. This technology
possessing distribution, non-repudiation and protection
characteristics is a quality alternative for usual digital
voting solutions. The intention of this paper is to look over
its associated trouble in future advancements and the
block chain based voting research and online voting
system status quo. This study provides a conceptual
description of the intended blockchain-based totally
digital vote casting utility and an introduction to the
blockchain's basic structure and properties in relation to
digital balloting. As a result of the research, it was
identified that blockchain structures can also help to
resolve some of the challenges of ongoing election systems.
The most frequently reported issues with blockchain
packaging on the other hand are privacy, security and
transaction speed. The safety of remote participation
should be attainable and transaction speed must be
addressed in a viable blockchain based complete
electronic balloting complex. Because of these issues, it
was determined that current architecture truly needed
when they would be deployed in voting systems.



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Dr. Manju K Mathai, & Rubin Siby. (2023). Electronic Voting Using Blockchain. National Conference on Emerging Computer Applications, 4(1). https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6361842